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Our amazing minds

In Buddhism, the mind’s eye is considered a sense organ. It can sense and pick up data and information similar to the way the tongue can taste, the eyes can see, and the nose can smell. If we close our eyes, we can observe what is going on in our body. What we observe are thought and feelings, as well as other sensations going on in the body.

The other thing our mind can do is to actively create and imagine. We can visualise beautiful scenes just as much as dreadful ones. Sometimes, the mind can be imagining all sorts of things without us being in control of it. The mind and our mental process is different from the feelings that arise within us. Our feelings may be part of the mental process and may influence and shape what mind does with them, but we can also build up a muscle in our minds to help us feel more at ease in life.

Some call this aspect of the mind the wise mind, the sixth sense, the psychic eye, etc. It is the mind that connects to the Dharma, and once we feel in touch with something greater than ourselves, we can start to put the other things that are affecting our minds into perspective.

Our minds may feel like a burden and a weight on our shoulders when we are in a bad space, but they can also be amazing when we learn how to tune it to hear and transmit the Dharma.