The Three Poisons
Human beings are born into this world and are of this world. We tend to go around in circles and in doing so we create additional suffering that in all intents and purposes is unnecessary. Even though we know this in theory, it doesn’t stop us from going around in circles. Out of our craving […]
Our amazing minds
In Buddhism, the mind’s eye is considered a sense organ. It can sense and pick up data and information similar to the way the tongue can taste, the eyes can see, and the nose can smell. If we close our eyes, we can observe what is going on in our body. What we observe are […]
Our mental processes
The Abhidharma is one of the earliest texts in Buddhism. It is a thorough and detailed analysis of the mental processes, so much so that we get a complete understanding of how the mind works. It all starts with Dukkha or ‘Suffering, affliction, pain, bad space’. Once we experience pain, we experience Dukkha samudaya. Samudaya can […]
An Introduction to the Skandha Cycle Teaching
At a very basic level, we are like magnets. Attracting the things that we like and that are like us and rejecting things that we don’t like. On way level, we are in a trance. However, because we are awake and thinking, how can we be in a trance? We feel that we are discerning […]
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