Therapy at work
I thought I'd start blogging some of the common things that tend to come up in therapy in a conversational style. It might give you an idea of how therapy looks and feels, however, the responses and reactions in both therapist and client are spontaneous and take place within a context that is meaningful for […]
The mind is a mystery to me. It feels like an ocean with many different layers. At the surface are great big waves that crash against the surface of the ocean with such power that it could destroy whatever lies in its way. As we go down the pressure builds but there is a calmness […]
An Introduction to the Skandha Cycle Teaching
At a very basic level, we are like magnets. Attracting the things that we like and that are like us and rejecting things that we don’t like. On way level, we are in a trance. However, because we are awake and thinking, how can we be in a trance? We feel that we are discerning […]
Our mental processes
The Abhidharma is one of the earliest texts in Buddhism. It is a thorough and detailed analysis of the mental processes, so much so that we get a complete understanding of how the mind works. It all starts with Dukkha or 'Suffering, affliction, pain, bad space'. Once we experience pain, we experience Dukkha samudaya. Samudaya can […]